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From the Top
(Infernalia Chronicles Book 1)
R.A. Sears
Release Date: 
March 21, 2014
This book is meant for adults over the age of 18. (MALSV)
Cira’s life is turned upside down when all Hell breaks loose. The Infernals are upon us, our blue world now theirs. Taken in by her new master Baxa, a caramel skinned diavol, how long can Cira resist the patient temptation in his fiery eyes? Giving in never felt so good.

Cira’s just out with her friends, chilling at the mall on a normal weekend, when she locks eyes with a gorgeous man across the food court. Her heart is set aflame and the world around them burns to ash.

They’ve been experimenting with human genetics since we first came into being; the Infernals are denizens of a Hellish parallel world, and they’ve come to claim Earth as their own. There’s no better place to create their ideal being, a creature with all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses.

Refusing to kneel, Cira is taken in by a new master, the very same man she saw in the food court before the world ended. A half-breed with eyes full of hell-fire and the patience of a saint, Baxa awakens Cira’s urge to dominate, and an unfamiliar yearning to obey.

His disinterest in the Infernal breeding program puts her at ease, and sets her nerves on fire. Can Cira resist this caramel skinned temptation, or will she be consumed by the inferno of desire?


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Book Release & Giveaway – Transcendent by Olivia Hardin

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“Olivia Hardin takes a character we hated in a previous book and somehow makes him a hero we love. That’s no small feat. Transcendent captures perfectly the tension and temptation of falling in love in the midst of turmoil and intrigue. . .it’s a story that will linger in your heart.”



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“Olivia Hardin weaves a wonderfully emotional story of love, redemption, and political intrigue in Transcendent. Be prepared to transcend your own expectations.”



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To the Women on the Hill McKenna is a spy who sails the nightwind to keep close tabs on her people. In truth, McKenna is a double operative, an integral part of an underground rebellion. The Women are secretly bleeding the fae of their powers then banishing them to the Island Anethemusa; but the Dissenters, rebels who suffer under the crushing power of the Women, mean to put an end to their reign.

When McKenna happens upon a talking weasel, she knows she’s found the perfect envoy for her covert mission. Robin Weir’s punishment for a life of betrayal is to be stripped of his magic and exiled as an animal in a foreign realm. He’s used to dirty jobs and subterfuge so becoming McKenna’s errand boy should be a simple task.

But things heats up when Robin finds he has the power to shift into a man again. For McKenna the pet she’s invited into her home now wants nothing less than to possess her heart, body and soul. With the uprising at the ready, lives could be lost if McKenna can’t balance her separate identities of spy, rebel and lover.


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