NEW BOOK ALERT!! The Awakening by Kally Jo Surbeck


This is my Sister’s New Book! 

Please go check it out!

The Awakening


Kally Jo Surbeck


A Balanced Choice
Some say she dances too close to Hades, controlling life and death. She laughs at those fools. Why dance with a god of the Underworld when it’s her power that determines when humans pass? 
Her sisters call her morbid, again she laughs. Two of her sister’s are called artists–a weaver and a mixer. That’s what they are. Her third sister left them all hanging. 
No. Atropos believes it is she who is the true artist. The knowledge of life and death gives humans their ultimate passion and ultimate drive. Therefore, with her shears she breathes passion, hope, sadness, sorrow, drive, and determination, all that and more, she breathes into the human with the snip of her shears. 
But, what if she miscalculates a life? What if a time is cut too short? 

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The Inside Out Series by Lisa Renee Jones is ON SALE for the FIRST TIME EVER!

The Inside Out Series by Lisa Renee Jones is ON SALE for the FIRST TIME EVER!


To celebrate the upcoming release of the fourth book in the Inside Out series, No In Between, the Inside Out series has been put on sale for the FIRST TIME EVER!

If you like the sizzle of 50 Shades, and the mystery of the Pretty Little Liars TV show, this is the series for you!

The Inside Out Series is now in development for cable TV with acclaimed producer Suzanne Todd (Alice in Wonderland w/Johnny Depp, Boiler Room, Austin Powers and more!)


Get the books here:

If I Were You (#1) $1.99

Rebecca’s Lost Journals (#1.1-1.4 & #2.5) $2.99

Being Me (#2) $2.99

Revealing Us (#3) $2.99


No In Between (#4)