Author Focus—Time Traveling Slinky by Jeff LaFerney

Blue Harvest Creative

We are excited to welcome guest blogger Author Jeff LaFerney to our blog today for week two of our celebrate #INDIEpendence event. This week we focus on horror and science fiction. Learn about Jeff, time-travel and his latest novel “Jumper.” Be sure to join Jeff  at our Facebook event for a live author chat today and to enter our two giveaways this month. Details at bottom of post.

Time travel is hard to write. Seriously. Well, at least it was for me because I made the “mistake” of going on line to learn all about it. Yes, I read all about the Theory of Relativity. Einstein is smarter than me, believe it or not. I read all about worm holes and temporal paradoxes. I read all about the scientific “rules” of time travel—some geniuses have five rules; some have ten. All agree that to time travel forward is possible if…

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