The Hunt for Passion Begins…

     There are many paths one can take to find the passion one seeks, and for me, one of them would be through books. These wonderful lines of words, formed into paragraphs that make up a story, is one of my oldest and longest traveled roads on my pursuit of pleasure and passion.

     Books, in any form, from print to electronic have gave me so many hours of blissful enjoyment. I have found passion, pleasure, pain, horror, sorrow, and the means of an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of life, children (although wonderful), and stress that can preoccupy everyone at times.

     Books and the written word are a very important part of my life, seeing that I am also an aspiring writer. One must read to understand the craft, to explore new possibilities, to gain insight on the way a writer’s mind works, how their characters interact with each other, and how to form a complete and satisfying story for an author’s readers.

     One of the authors that has been a favorite of mine for many years is Shiloh Walker. Her work has given me many hours of enjoyment, thrills, passion, and so many wonderful memories! Her and her books have been of great inspiration to me, not only to continue to seek a treasured escape through her work, but to go on and continue with my own writing career. For that, I thank Shiloh Walker from the bottom of my heart and the tip of my ink pen, or in my case, my laptop keypad. lol

     Shiloh Walker has a new book called STOLEN available for pre-order at several places, one of them being, and I suggest you place your order for this book ASAP. I highly recommend any of her books, as she is one of my “Must Buy” authors. You can find STOLEN by Shiloh Walker through this link to Amazon:

     Let your thoughts be STOLEN away for a while by Shiloh Walker’s new book, I guarantee you will be thrilled you did–in more ways than one!

~~ Sexy Writer
(aka Kimberly Mayberry)